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Local Radial Displacement Measurements of Soil Specimens in a Triaxial Test Apparatus Using Laser Transducers


A laser scanning device is introduced to measure radial displacements in triaxial testing apparatuses. The equipment provides contactless measurement of the radial displacement of the test specimen over the whole specimen height. Additionally, a method is proposed for determining the initial specimen volume from the scanned specimen profiles as well as the change in volume during test performance. These methods are then evaluated, based on test results from a drained stress path test on Swiss lacustrine clay.

Keywords: radial displacement measurement, triaxial test apparatus, local radial strains, laser

Paper ID: GTJ100735; DOI: 10.1520/GTJ100735


Messerklinger, Sophie and Springman, Sarah M.

Index Terms:

SoilGroup; Soil; triaxial testing; laser scanning; Messerklinger, Sophie; Springman, Sarah M.

Further Information:

Date published: 2007