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Titration Method for the Determination of the Cation Exchange Capacity of Clays.


In the literature many procedures for the determination of the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of clays have been described. But only with a few of them the titration method can be achieved. Normally for the complete cation exchange an excess of the exchanging cation must be employed. In order to decrease the cation concentration used for the exchange, a cation with a high affinity for the clay minerals must be utilized. Such cations are, for example, some cationic dyes and metal-organic complexes. The Methylene blue method is known since a long time as a fast titration procedure. Here a new way is demonstrated, basing on the method of copper complexes [1]. [1] Meier L.P. & Kahr G. (1999), Clays and Clay Minerals, 49:386-38


Plötze, Michael and Kahr, Günter

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ClayGroup; cec; clay; Kahr, Gunter; Plotze, Michael

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Date published: 2006