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Permafrost Creep and Rock Glacier Dynamics


Haeberli, Wilfried and Hallet, B. and Arenson, Lukas and Elconin, R. and Humlum, O. and Käab, A. and Kaufmann, V. and Ladanyi, B. and Matsuoka, N. and Springman, Sarah M. and Vonder Mühll, D.

Index Terms:

Permafrost; rock; glacier; creep; SoilGroup; Soil; Arenson, Lukas; Elconin, R.; Haeberli, Wilfried; Hallet, B.; Humlum, O.; Kaab, A.; Kaufmann, V.; Ladanyi, B.; Matsuoka, N.; Springman, Sarah M.; Vonder Muhll, D.

Further Information:

Date published: 2006