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Modelling of rockfall protection galleries


Rockfall impact energies can reach magnitudes of the order of millions of Joules, requiring understanding of the energy absorption mechanisms at high energy levels for improved design of the protection gallery. These high-energy ranges can be achieved at the laboratory scale with the help of a geotechnical centrifuge. In centrifuge, rockfall protection galleries are studied with an aim to optimise the design procedure by using a cushion material. Different cushion materials have been modelled against vertical and inclined impacts of steel block with input energy levels up to 20 MJ.A simple FE model (LS-DYNA) is used in addition to model the boulder impact on different cushion materials. The results from the centrifuge tests in terms of acceleration values of the boulder and deflection of the slab are discussed and a new design procedure for the protection galleries based on the centrifuge and numerical investigations has been proposed.


Chikatamarla, Ravikiran and Laue, Jan and Springman, Sarah M.

Index Terms:

Soil; Rockfall; Protection Structures; galeries; SoilGroup; Chikatamarla, Ravikiran; Laue, Jan; Springman, Sarah M.

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Date published: 2006