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Debris flows in a geotechnical centrifuge


A new apparatus to allow the examination of laboratory debris flows at prototype stress levels within a geotechnical drum centrifuge is described. The apparatus consists of a curved aluminium flume that lies within the circumference of the drum, the inclination of which can be altered from 0 to 40 degrees. PPTs may be placed in the base and along one aluminium side wall, while the other wall is made from Perspex, to enable viewing of the flow during a test. A tube at the head of the flume enables flow materials to be introduced after preparation external to the centrifuge, while tests may be carried out with both fixed and erodible beds. A high speed camera is used to capture images of the flow during centrifuge flight. Initial tests suggest a maximum particle size of 4mmmay be introduced to the flow.The influence ofwater content and fluid viscosity is discussed.


Bowman, L. and Laue, Jan and Imre, Bernd and Zweidler, Adrian and Springman, Sarah M.

Index Terms:

Soil; debris flow; centrifuge; SoilGroup; Bowman, L.; Imre, Bernd; Laue, Jan; Springman, Sarah M.; Zweidler, Adrian

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Date published: 2006