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Evaluation of the liquefaction susceptibility of soil using a Bayesian Probabilistic Network


An application of Bayesian Probabilistic Networks for earthquake risk management with special focus on soil response is considered. The proposed framework is generic i.e. adoptable to sites with different soil conditions and is consistent i.e. allowing different level of detailing. The study is focusing on condition indicators for soil. After a brief introduction to the overall framework, the condition indicators for soil are described. This includes the evaluation of data at different detailing level as well as their implementation into a Bayesian Probabilistic Network. Special focus is given on the liquefaction susceptibility of soils, as liquefaction constitutes one of the major causes of permanent ground displacement leading to damage on structures. Finally, an example illustrates the application of the methodology for the decision problem. This procedure is developed in an ongoing joint engineering project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.


Buchheister, Juliane and Bayraktarli, Yahya

Index Terms:

SoilGroup; liquefaction; Bayesian Probabilistic Network (BPN); Bayraktarli, Yahya; Buchheister, Juliane

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Date published: 21.09.2005