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Stress distribution of rockfall events on galleries


Rockfall galleries are built to protect local infrastructure and lifelines against rockfall events. They are covered usually with a soillayer, sometimes for aesthetical reasons but also for protection against impact from rockfalls and snow avalanches. The effect of theimpact has been quantified in a research project by investigating the properties of the cover (cushion) material. The stress distribution caused by a rockfall event is measured in centrifuge model tests by means of a tactile multipoint pressure transducer on the gallery be-low the cushion material as well as point load measurements at supports and strain gauges to determine bending of the gallery slab. The technique of measuring stress distribution under a soil layer is adapted from bio-medicine and the car industry to soil mechanics. Features of these pressure sensors will be discussed in relation to the response to a rockfall event and for different types and thick-nesses of cushion material. Numerical modelling has also been carried out using LS DYNA. Knowledge gained can be used for for-mulation of guidelines for the gallery design.


Chikatamarla, Ravikiran and Laue, Jan and Springman, Sarah M.

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SoilGroup; Soil; Chikatamarla, Ravikiran; Laue, Jan; Springman, Sarah M.

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Date published: 2005