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Mechanical response of asphalt-pavements under static and moving wheel-load


Abstract The mechanical properties of asphalt pavements vary significantly under the application of loads at different speeds. Several tests, both static and dynamic, have been carried out at the IGT/ETHZ circular test track. The testing device is equipped with sensors (strain gauges, vertical deflectometers, and temperature sensors) which measured the horizontal, the vertical strains and the temperature at different depths. The results show a rate and time dependency, which becomes more relevant at increased temperatures. The climatic conditions and the temperature have been monitored and collected continuously during the tests. Static load tests (Benkelman beams) were also conducted. A three dimensional back calculation analysis was performed using the finite element code ABAQUS in order to obtain the stiffness parameters under static and dynamic load. ABAQUS built-in material models were shown to reliably predict the dynamic and static mechanical behavior of asphalt pavements.


Rabaiotti, Carlo and Caprez, Markus

Index Terms:

finite elements; road construction; Geomechanics; GeomechanicsGroup; Caprez, Markus; Rabaiotti, Carlo

Further Information:

Date published: 01.02.2006