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Review and future perspective of road research in Switzerland based on “Rundlauf” test track results


The increasing cost of road materials and the need for longer pavement-life under heavier loads and worst climatic conditions calls for Accelerated Load Test (ALT) facility testing. Since 25 years, the ALT Facility “Rundlauf” of ETHZ has been actively contributing towards road research and standardizing the design concepts in Switzerland. The greatest advantage of ALT facility is to test the road pavements under real conditions eliminating the scale effects while including real load configurations to obtain reliable results. Most of the materials currently used in Switzerland for road construction have been tested on the “Rundlauf” and these results have been a fundamental step for the Swiss road pavement design method. The proposed paper gives an overview of the most important results obtained from the “Rundlauf” facility over the last two decades. The obtained and future results of the “Rundlauf” tests are also very important for new and more sophisticated pavement design methods. New research projects are planned at ETHZ to validate a new FEM mechanical approach to road design.


Caprez, Markus and Rabaiotti, Carlo

Index Terms:

road construction; Geomechanics; GeomechanicsGroup; Caprez, Markus; Rabaiotti, Carlo

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Date published: 01.02.2006