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The mechanism of tsunamigenic landslides


Understanding of the mechanisms of tsunami-generating (or tsunamigenic) landslides is of crucial importance for assessment and mitigation of the tsunami hazard. Some tsunamigenic landslides can be caused by the catastrophic shear band propagation in submarine slopes. This basic physical mechanism also helps to resolve the paradox of the observed high landslide velocities. In the First Storegga Slide the shear band probably propagated from the initial 3-km weakness zone (caused by the seismic impact and/or methane hydrate decomposition), triggered the 150-km landslide, and generated a 19.1-m tsunami. The shear band propagation mechanism suggests specialized geophysical surveys that can be used for improved assessment and mitigation of tsunami hazard.


Puzrin, Alexander and Germanovich, L.N.

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geomechanics; tsunami; GeomechanicsGroup; Germanovich, L.N.; Puzrin, Alexander

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Date published: 2004