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An approach to plasticity based on generalized thermodynamics


The starting point for this paper is the problems encountered in conventional plasticity when the thermodynamics of plastic materials is considered. These problems provide the motivation for an alternative formulation, based on thermomechanical principles. In this formulation, a constitutive model is definded solely by specification of two thermodynamic potentials: an energy function and a dissipation function (or a yield function). Incremental response of the material is derived from these scalar potential functions using standard procedures. Next, a simple classification of constitutive models is introduced, based on the form of their potential functions. Further generalisation of this framework allows some important issues in modern plasticity theory to be adressed. Finally, some directions for future developments are proposed.


Houlsby, G.T. and Puzrin, Alexander

Index Terms:

geomechanics; GeomechanicsGroup; Houlsby, G.T.; Puzrin, Alexander

Further Information:

Date published: 1999