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Continuous hyperplastic critical state (CHCS) model derivation


The hyperplasticity and continuous hyperplasticity formulations enable complete derivation of thermodynamically admissible constitutive models. In this paper these two formulations are unified. This facilitates derivationof new forms of thermodynamical models that exhibit both global continuous behavior and the phenomenon of abrupt stiffness change within a single package. The concept allows for development of a technique for modeling of different kinematic stiffness regions bounded within an outer isotropic hardening yield surface, as observed in clays. This feature is employed for derivation of a new continuous hyperplastic critical state model. In general, this paper demonstrates how the specification of two potential functionals allows derivation of constitutive models that satisfy the Laws of Thermodynamics and at the same time account for many important aspects of soil behavior.


Einav, I. and Puzrin, Alexander

Index Terms:

geomechanics; GeomechanicsGroup; Einav, I.; Puzrin, Alexander

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Date published: 2004