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Stress rate-elastic stretching relations in elastoplastic constitutive equations for soils


This discussion paper emphasizes the importance of the First Law of Thermodynamics in description of elastic component of elasto-plastic behaviour of soils. To ensure that the First Law is satisfied, existence of energy potential should be assumed. Then the incremental elastic stress-strain relationship is easily derived by double differentiation of this potential. However, when this energy potential is also made dependent on plastic strains, derivation of incremental elastic stress-strain relationship becomes subtler. The authors are to be congratulated on their attempt to introduce thermomechanical principles into soil modelling, yet they seem to overlook this subtlety.


Einav, I. and Puzrin, Alexander

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geomechanics; GeomechanicsGroup; Einav, I.; Puzrin, Alexander


Discussion on Hashiguchi K. & Collins I.

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Date published: 2002