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Thermomechanical formulation of small strain model for overconsolidated clays


A constitutive model for the stress-strain behaviour of overconsolidated clays at small and intermediate strains is presented. The model had previously been formulated by Puzrin & Burland in terms of classical plasticity theory with certain additional assumptions. It is presented here within a rigorous formalism based on thermomechanical considerations, described by Puzrin & Houlsby and termed the 'continuous hyperplastic' method. The entire constitutive behaviour is derived from the specification of two scalar functionals. The model serves as the first example of the derivation of a non-trivial constitutive model within this approach.


Puzrin, Alexander and Houlsby, G.T. and Burland, J.B.

Index Terms:

geomechanics; GeomechanicsGroup; Burland, J.B.; Houlsby, G.T.; Puzrin, Alexander

Further Information:

Date published: 2001