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Nonlinear model of small strain behaviour of soils


The paper describes a general approach to the development of a constitutive model for predicting the generalized small-strain behaviour of soils. The model incorporates non-linear stress-strain behaviour, stress-path dependence and a consistent definition of the small-strain region (SSR). Based on this general approach, a simple model is proposed which incorporates cross-anisotropic elasticity within the linear elastic region (LER) and elliptical boundaries for the LER and SSR. The model leads to unique normalized stress-strain behaviour of undisturbed Bothkennar clay for the complete range of stress probe directions in triaxial stress space. The comparison confirms the uniqueness of the normalized volumetric and deviatoric stress-strain behaviour. The model can easily be incorporated into numerical procedures for solving two- and three-dimensional boundary value problems.


Puzrin, Alexander and Burland, J.B.

Index Terms:

geomechanics; GeomechanicsGroup; Burland, J.B.; Puzrin, Alexander

Further Information:

Date published: 1998