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IGT-Site, a dynamic and portable Web Site


IGT-Site is a quite general Web site which is portable and can be installed by a variety of organizations. It is tightly connected to a database, where most of the content of the Web site is stored. Inputting data to the Web site may be done also by untrained personnel thanks to an easy to handle form based user interface. This has the advantage that the work load of updating the content of the Web site is not concentrated on a single person, usually the Web master, but may be spread to practically all members of the organization, each of which may be made responsible for that content he is responsible or interested in . It is expected that due to this concept the content of the Web site should always be up-to-date.
From a technical point of view the Web site is based on Microsoft’s Active Server Pages, which run on the Web server and produce pure HTML code which is sent to the browser. With this approach 1st no additional software is needed on the client side, and 2nd basically all browsers running under any operating system are supported.


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Date published: 1998