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The stress-strain state of a slope during ist construction


Conclusions: The purposed finite-element system makes it possible to analyze theoretically a whole class of problems associated with construction on slopes, to wit: 1. To determine overall slope stability with allowance for the actual distribution of normal and tangential stresses along a fixed slip surface, and also the zones of adhesion, slip, and separation. 2. To investigate the variation in the stress-strain state of the soil mass contained in the slope with allowance for its stage construction, and also to study the formation and development of zones of the plastic flow of soil. 3. To determine the creep pressure on retaining anti-slide structures with consideration of the interaction between structures possessing actual stiffness, and the soil of the slope, and also the possible elastoplastic performance of the soil. 4. To determine the settlement and horizontal displacement of foundations of the structure being raised and the components of the anti-slide structures for different slope-construction schemes (terraced and structural-carpet).


Sorochan, E.A. and Puzrin, Alexander

Index Terms:

geomechanics; slope; stress-strain; GeomechanicsGroup; Puzrin, Alexander; Sorochan, E.A.

Further Information:

Date published: 1991