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Numerical modelling of the anisotropy of Otaniemi Clay


The performance of four constitutive models is compared with the results of triaxial tests on natural Otaniemi Clay. The conducted triaxial tests demonstrate the anisotropic behaviour of Otaniemi Clay. Two models are formulated in the classical framework of elasto-plasticity. One of them is an elasto/viscoplastic model and the other one has a rotational hardening rule. The other two models are based on the multilaminate framework. One of the multilaminate type models is an elasto/viscoplastic model as well. The results show a satisfactory match for most of the tests for all models. It is also obvious that the models with anisotropic formulations (model with rotational hardening rule and multilaminate type models) perform over all better than the isotropic model. Moreover, it seems that for this kind of tests modelling viscosity is not that important.


Neher, Heiko and Sterr, Christoph and Messerklinger, Sophie and Koskinen, Mirva

Index Terms:

clay; multilaminate model; soft soils; anisotropy; ClayGroup; SoilGroup; Koskinen, Mirva; Messerklinger, Sophie; Neher, Heiko; Sterr, Christoph

Further Information:

Date published: 18.09.2003