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Ten Years after Rio - Report on the World Summit on Sustainable Development 2002 in Johannesburg, South Africa


The World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD) was at the last World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 26 August until 4 September 2002. The main goal of the attendance of the WSC-SD delegation at the WSSD was to allow inexperienced students to participate at an event of these proportions. Members from different WSC-SD communities gathered together and discovered how UN summits work. They had the opportunity to be first-hand witnesses of the main events and side events of the WSSD, which led to the negotiating process at the end of the summit. The outcome of the WSC-SD participation at the WSSD has been compiled in the following report. Several articles were written by different participants at the summit. The present document aims to be an outlook upon relevant issues, which specially motivated WSC-SD delegates. One main problem for a successful implementation of solutions for sustainable development at the current situation was identified to be the existing gap between the scientific & technological community and society. There is a need to link Science & Technology (S&T) with the real needs of the people. There is a need to encourage S&T to seek for solutions to these needs. There is a need for a New Contract. It is clear that S&T are recognised to be central both to the origins of sustainability challenges and to the prospects for successfully dealing with these challenges. Hence our need for a New Contract that will push S&T to forge effective and comprehensive responses to sustainability-related issues. WSC-SD communities are sited mainly at universities with a strong technological background. Therefore, it was crucial to identify the gap, which hinders technological solutions to be fully implemented and accepted by society. Science must break on through the barriers between the research community and people’s needs in order to address sustainability issues most efficiently.


Wotschke, Peter and Anderson, DeWayne and Becker, Vera and Bottinelli, Silvia and Canga Rodriguez, Jose and Corbière-Nicollier, Tourane and Puppin, Diego and Reiland, Rol and Saikawa, Eri and Terazono, Atsuko

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WSSD; Soil; SoilGroup; ClayGroup; Anderson, DeWayne; Becker, Vera; Bottinelli, Silvia; Canga Rodriguez, Jose; Corbie;re-Nicollier, Tourane; Puppin, Diego; Reiland, Rol; Saikawa, Eri; Terazono, Atsuko; Wotschke, Peter

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Date published: 15.03.2003