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Multi-Method Investigation of Contaminated Sites for a Sustainable Land Use


The task of the study was to investigate the stratigraphic sequence of a test site and to quantify the volumes of undisturbed subsurface structures and the infill. Based on this data, the volume could be defined and the excavation costs could be calculated. A main aim of the study was to cross-validate different geotechnical methods with geophysical methods for tomographic site characterisation to develop a quick and reliable investigation tool. The results of four chosen technologies showed a high degree of similarity and allowed a detailed image of the subsurface. The created image leaded to a calculation of bedding volumes and excavation costs.


Wotschke, Peter and Friedel, Sven and Hermanns Stengele, Rita

Index Terms:

Soil; contaminated sites; geophysics; multi-method approach; SoilGroup; ClayGroup; Friedel, Sven; Hermanns Stengele, Rita; Wotschke, Peter

Further Information:

Date published: 28.08.2003