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Mineralogical and mechanical behaviour of soft Finnish and Swiss clays


Properties of Finnish clays are compared to those of Swiss lacustrine clays in terms of mineralogical characteristics and mechanical behaviour. It is pointed out how far, and in which way, the mineralogical composition influences the mechanical properties of these clayey soils.


Messerklinger, Sophie and Kahr, Günter and Plötze, Michael and Trausch Giudici, Iolanda and Springman, Sarah M. and Lojander, M.

Index Terms:

Soil; Swiss lacustrine clays; mineralogy; mechanical soil properties; Soil classification; SoilGroup; ClayGroup; Kahr, Gunter; Lojander, M.; Messerklinger, Sophie; Plotze, Michael; Springman, Sarah M.; Trausch Giudici, Iolanda

Further Information:

Date published: 2003