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Seismic Microzonation for Earthquake Risk Mitigation in Turkey


As a tool to improve the state of land use management in Turkey and to better mitigate earthquake risk in the future, a microzonation project was initiated after the 1999 Kocaeli earthquake. The project had two components (a) drafting a microzonation manual, (b) conducting pilot case studies in the selected two regions affected by the 1999 Marmara earthquake. An attempt will be made to summarise the pilot studies conducted for Adapazari and Golcuk regions within the framework of the project. The main purpose of the study was to test and demonstrate the applicability of the methodology proposed in the Seismic Microzonation Manual prepared for the same project. The major contributions of the study are the probabilistic assessment of the regional earthquake hazard, interpretation of the microtremor records, and interpretation of the available geological and geotechnical data based on a grid approach. All the available data was transformed to GIS format and the results are evaluated to obtain a microzonation with respect to site amplification, liquefaction susceptibility and landslide hazard. The paper will summarize the experience and results of the pilot studies and will give an overview of the methodology proposed in the manual. The project is organised and managed by the World Institute for Disaster Risk Management (DRM), and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The project team included leading scientists and engineers from Turkish and Swiss institutions. A close cooperation was established among the scientific and technical staff and with the governmental authorities responsible for microzonation in Turkey to provide a suitable base for the implementation of the results in the future microzonation projects in Turkey.


Ansal, Atilla and Studer, J. and Erdik, Mustafa and Springman, Sarah M. and Laue, Jan and Giardini, Domenico and Fäh, Donat and Köksal, Dincer and Buchheister, Juliane

Index Terms:

Soil; microzonation; SoilGroup; Ansal, Atilla; Buchheister, Juliane; Erdik, Mustafa; Fah, Donat; Giardini, Domenico; Koksal, Dincer; Laue, Jan; Springman, Sarah M.; Studer, J.

Further Information:

Date published: 2004