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Project Microzonation for Earthquake Risk Mitigation (MERM) - Microzonation of Pilot Areas: Adapazari, Gölcük, Ihsaniye and Degirmendere, Part 2C - Case Studies


Ansal, Atilla and Springman, Sarah M. and Studer, J. and Demirbas, E. and Önalp, Akin and Erdik, Mustafa and Giardini, Domenico and Sesetyan, K and Demircioglu, M and Akman, H and Fäh, Donat and Christen, Andreas and Laue, Jan and Buchheister, Juliane and Cetin, K. O. and Siyahi, B and Fahjan, Y and Gülkan, P and Bakir, S and Lestuzzi, Pierino and Elmas, M and Köksal, Dincer and Gökce, O

Index Terms:

Soil; Microzonation; Pilot areas; turkey; SoilGroup; Akman, H; Ansal, Atilla; Bakir, S; Buchheister, Juliane; Cetin, K. O.; Christen, Andreas; Demirbas, E.; Demircioglu, M; Elmas, M; Erdik, Mustafa; Fah, Donat; Fahjan, Y; Giardini, Domenico; Gokce, O; Gulkan, P; Koksal, Dincer; Laue, Jan; Lestuzzi, Pierino; Onalp, Akin; Sesetyan, K; Siyahi, B; Springman, Sarah M.; Studer, J.

Further Information:

Date published: 2003