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Numerical modelling of swelling in tunnels


Swelling of the rock mass leads to an impairment of tunnel serviceability, or to damage to the tunnel lining. In this paper, we model the development of floor heaves in tunnelling caused by swelling as a hydraulic-mechanical coupled process. The swelling rock is modelled as an elasto-plastic material with a non-linear and anisotropic extension of the common elastic equations. The equations are solved by the finite-element method. The applicability of the proposed model is demonstrated by numerical examples. Taking into account the seepage flow within the rock mass around a tunnel makes possible ralistic modelling of observed floor heaving, i.e., without any movements at the crown and walls inevitable in the older models. The elasto-plastic equations allow one to model the often strong heaves of a tunnel floor as observed in situ. According to our numerical results, the region with larger swelling strains is practically extended as much as the plastic zone.


Anagnostou, Georgios

Index Terms:

rock; TunnelingGroup; Anagnostou, Georgios

Further Information:

Date published: 1994