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Plate compression tests on a geosynthetic reinforced shallow embankment: numerical modelling and field measurements


Plate compression tests were performed on a shallow road embankment reinforced with a single geosynthetic layer at different construction stages. The geosynthetic has been laid on the subgrade material and three layers have been placed and compacted by a vibrating roller. These construction processes and the subsquent plate loading test have been modelled with two FE-Programs using an axisymmetric approach. Different constitutive models have been selected and a parameter study, using a range of soil properties, has been carried out. Additional considerations have been made over the interaction between the soil and the geosynthetic as well as the modelling of the stress-strain response of the geosynthetic. The results of the parametric study are presented in comparison with the results of the field tests.


Banjac, Robert and Mayor, Pierre-André

Index Terms:

Soil; SoilGroup; geotextile; numerical modelling; constitutive modelling

Further Information:

Date published: 09.01.2003