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PC- and Network-Configuration of the Division of Geotechnical Engineering


The aim of the Information Technology (IT) Environment at the Division of Geotechnical Engineering (IGT) is the easing in using the PC for users and the placing at disposition of all necessary means under the condition of a minimum expense.

These goals are achieved by a central administration, which is responsible for setting up and servicing all hard- (HW) and software (SW). This results in an improved user friendliness (or more precise: in a surplus value of applicability) concerning software, stability and compatibility. It is important that the users are largely reliefed of installation and repair work, so they may concentrate on their core competence.
The freedom of power users is not reduced, e.g. They still may install special software on their personal computer.

In addition to the added value mentioned above the central administration enables the setup of a security concept for both internal and external connections, and a reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

It is obvious that this concept requires a network and the setup of a demanding environment. The current report addresses IT professionals. It describes the environment in three main sections:

  • In the 1st section Motivation it is highlighted why the IGT needs a network, and which software should be used for its operation.
  • In section MS-Windows an overview is given about Windows 2000/XP and its capabilities. Some concepts are introduced which are later used when realizing the project. Experts of Windows may skip this section.
  • In the 3rd section it is described in detail how the environment is designed and how the hard- and software should be configured.

In the appendix some technical "details" are briefly mentioned, e.g. The principle and configuration of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Fritz, Pit

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Informatics; LAN; Computer; rock; TunnelingGroup; Fritz, Pit

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Date published: 2003