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TRIVEC-Measurements in Geotechnical Engineering


The high precision measurement of all three orthogonal displacement components along a vertical borehole with a single portable probe has opened a wide field of applications in geotechnical engineering. The detection of what is going on in the soil, rock or concrete, metre by metre, may be an important aid in understanding complex geotechnical problems. Four years of field applications in various geotechnical areas such as subway tunneling, shaft excavations, piles and diaphragm walls, slope stability and dam foundations have shown how practical and useful the TRIVEC device is.


Amstad, Christian and Köppel, Jakob and Kovári, Kalman

Index Terms:

Displacement measurements; Instrumentation; monitoring; rock; TunnelingGroup; mechanics; Amstad, Christian; Koppel, Jakob; Kovari, Kalman

Further Information:

Date published: 1987