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Field Investigations of Disturbed Zones Around Excavations by Strain Distribution Measurements


The detailed experimental investigation of the nature of so-called “disturbed” zones around underground excavations is a difficult task. An even higher degree of difficulty is involved in assessing the possible increase in hydraulic conductivity in the direction parallel to the axis of the excavations. As a first direct approach high precision strain distribution measurements along boreholes for mine-by tests proved to be extremely useful. They reveal the relative influence of joints on the overall deformation, indicating possible flow paths in the rock. It is not reasonable to assume that the so called “disturbed” zone will exhibit uniform mechanical properties. One of the questions for future projects will be the investigation of the variability of the extent of rock block movements on a large length scale along the excavations.


Kovári, Kalman and Amstad, Christian and Köppel, Jakob

Index Terms:

Displacement measurements; monitoring; rock; TunnelingGroup

Further Information:

Date published: 1986