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Fundamentals of Deformation Measurements


There are several deformational quantities like displacements, slope angles, curvatures and strains which tan be measured both pointwise and linewise. Depending on the nature of the given geotechnical problem to be solved those quantities and such an arrangement should be selected which lead to the greatest amount of information under the imposed financial restrictions. The measurement of the slope angle with the inclinometer probe has demonstrated in the past decades the great practical value of such distribution measurements. The observation of axial strain distributions along boreholes is a recent development. There is ample evidence, however, that such measurements may help to elucidate a wide range of Problems in different types of geotechnical structures. The results of such distribution measurements exhibit in fact a great explanatory power.


Kovári, Kalman and Amstad, Christian

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Displacement measurements; Instrumentation; mechanics; rock; TunnelingGroup; Amstad, Christian; Kovari, Kalman

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Date published: 1993