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On the Observational Method in Tunnelling


That continuous observations are made during the driving of a tunnel has always been as much taken for granted as keeping one's eyes on the road when driving a car is quite obvious. Therefore, the term 'observational method' often produces a reaction of surprise among tunnelling engineers in practice. Even if it is explained that 'observation' in the narrow sense of the word really means 'monitoring', doubt and misunderstanding still remain. In the first part of the paper the term 'observational method' as introduced by Peck and re-defined by Eurocode is examined critically. The problems encountered in tunnelling and underground construction are usually so diverse and complex that monitoring can be usefully applied in many different ways. In the second part of the paper a case study is described in which Peck's idea is followed.


Kovári, Kalman and Lunardi, P.

Index Terms:

rock; TunnelingGroup; Kovari, Kalman; Lunardi, P.

Further Information:

Date published: 2000