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Use of flexible tactile pressure sensors in geotechnical centrifuges


A flexible tactile pressure sensor, originating from dental and biomedical research, has been used to measure the normal stress distribution acting on a structure. This new technology allows determination of pressure changes over a grid of roughly 2000 sensing locations, and has been used under 1g conditions and in a geo-technical drum centrifuge. However there are significant challenges associated with calibration and with im-plementing this device in an enhanced gravity environment. Two applications have demonstrated the potential of this sensor, even if work remains to be done to confirm levels of accuracy in the short and long term.


Springman, Sarah M. and Nater, Philippe and Chikatamarla, Ravikiran and Laue, Jan

Index Terms:

Stress measurements; centrifuge; Soil; SoilGroup

Further Information:

Date published: 2002