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Building of Models in the Drum Centrifuge of the ETH Zurich


The significance of a centrifuge test strongly relies on the quality of the soil model. Nearly as many model building procedures exist, as there are different soils. This is due to technical limitations and requirements on creating a specific soil structure. Building layered soil model implies the use of different soils in different consistencies and states and therefore the adoption of a variety of procedures and apparatus within the same test process. This causes additional effort and influences the soil stress history, especially compared to natural formation conditions. With the aim of building layered soil models containing both sand and clay layers, several model building procedures are described in this contribution, together with associated aspects of technical limitations. Some of them have been recently used in the drum centrifuge device of the ETH Zurich.


Nater, Philippe and Nater, Philippe

Index Terms:

centrifuge; material; centrifuge; Soil; SoilGroup

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