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Rock Mechanics Investigations for the Endangered Bristen Road


During the last decade the Bristen mountain road in Switzerland (Canton Uri) has been repeatedly subjected to rockfalls on the stretch between Amsteg and St. Antoni. The last one occurred on the 19th January, 1995, with a total volume of 600 m3. After clearing away the rubble from the road, the authorities initiated a comprehensive rock mechanics investigation. Its aim was to assess by means of clearly defined criteria the stability of the rock slope and to define suitable safety measures against local rockfalls and major slope failure.


Bergamin, Stefan and Kirchhofer, Peter and Filippini, Raffaele Lino

Index Terms:

slope; Stabilitat; CAD; dam; analysis; stability; bristen; rock; TunnelingGroup; Bergamin, Stefan; Filippini, Raffaele Lino; Kirchhofer, Peter

Further Information:

Date published: 2001