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New Developments in the Instrumentation of Underground Openings


In the following two new portable instruments for the measurement of displacements are described. The first one, the Extenso-Deflectometer-ISETH enables the measurement of all three components of the displacement vector at consecutive points along a borehole in rock or soil. The axis of the borehole may have any direction in space. A simplified version of this instrument is the Sliding-Micrometer-ISETH, which is used to obtain only the axial components of the displacements. Due to its high precision, this device can also be used in concrete structures of various types, 6. g. gravity and arch dams, slurry walls and piles.


Kovári, Kalman and Amstad, Christian and Köppel, Jakob

Index Terms:

Displacement measurements; underground openings; tunneling; Instrumentation; sliding micrometer; rock; TunnelingGroup

Further Information:

Date published: 1979