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Parametric Studies as a Design Aid in Tunneling


The aim of statical computations in tunneling is not to obtain results for one particular set of input data, but to carry out a parametric study. Many of the available computer programs have today the possibility, at reasonable additional cost, to vary the most important parameters involved in order to check the sensitivity of the design to these variations. In this way a quantitative assessment of the performance of an underground opening can be obtained. However, prior to any computations a good knowledge of the general behavior pattern of the structure under the particular rock conditions is important.
In this respect the classification of the rock mechanics problems in loosening type rock pressure, genuine rock pressure, structure interaction problems and interpretation of measurements has proved a useful guide to choose adequate computational models.
The results should he presented in the Form of diagrams, which give a good summary of them and enable various computed cases to be easily compared. For conclusions affecting constructional decisions, the computed deformations in the rock and stresses in the lining are of particular value.


Kovári, Kalman and Hagedorn, Heinz and Fritz, Pit

Index Terms:

FEM; design; tunnel; rock; TunnelingGroup; analysis

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Date published: 1976