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Centrifuge Modelling of Cone Penetration Tests in Sand


Centrifuges have been widely adopted in modelling geotechnical problems because, without the expense and delay of doing full-scale tests, the behaviour of a foundation can be observed in a soil specimen of known parameters. The most important feature of centrifuge tests is the simulation of self-weight to replicate full-scale stresses. The parameters are dependet on the effective stress level; therefore, in order to determine soil parameters relevant to models, in-flight tests such as the cone penetration test (CPT) must be carried out. Different centrifuge centres have used different in-flight miniature probes of different diameters and materials under various test protocols. The aim of this paper is to report on both the random and the consistent variations which have been observed with CPTs in sand when identical prototypes have been modelled in the different laboratories.


Bolton, M.D. and Gui, M.W. and Garnier, J. and Corte, J. and Bagge, G. and Laue, Jan and Renzi, R.

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Soil; SoilGroup

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Date published: 1999