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Über rosa und braunen Fluorit aus Sn-W-Lagerstätten.


Brownish-rose to brown coloured fluorites from Sn-W deposits were studied with optical absorption, EPR, photoluminescence and NAA methods. They are characterized by a high formation temperature (300 to 700 C), a typical spectrum of optical absorption, the presence of HREE3+ and Mn2+ paramagnetic impurities, a photosensitive Mn2+ -photoluminescence and by a high REE-content with enrichment of heavy REE (30-300 ppm Yb) in comparison to light REE (4-200 ppm Ce). The unusual colour is due to the simultaneous incorporation of HREE and Mn. Brownish-rose and brown coloured fluorite suggests high-temperature Sn-W deposits in association with Li-F granites or Mn-rich associations in huebnerite deposits.


Trinkler, Michael and Kempe, Ulf and Plötze, Michael and Rieser, Uwe

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Date published: 1993