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Re-Evaluation of the Stability of Large Concrete Structures on Rock


This report reviews the main rock mechanics features of the stability of concrete dams against sliding and discusses recent developments regarding the tools of investigation. The unified approach for rock slope stability analysis presented in the report and the high precision borehole probes Sliding Micrometer, Trivec and Piezodex have been proved to be useful in practice.
The re-evaluation of the sliding stability of concrete dams is a task requiring wide experience and familiarity with the means of investigation. The latter comprise stability analysis and field monitoring. A thoroughly elaborated model of possible failure patterns at a particular site yields the basis for an effective monitoring programme. The most important quantities to be observed are localized strain concentrations, differential movements and water pressure. Considering the progressive nature of the sliding failure it is evident that high precision linewise observations may play a major role in the early detection of detrimental processes in the rock, which otherwise could go on decreasing the safety of the structure. Active discontinuities which open and close or even slip relative to each other as a result of reservoir level fluctuation are of greatest interest. Once detected they should also be the subject of water pressure measurements.


Kovári, Kalman and Fritz, Pit

Index Terms:

slope; stability; analysis; dam; rock; TunnelingGroup; polygonal; Fritz, Pit; Kovari, Kalman

Further Information:

Date published: 1993