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Micromechanics models of progressive failures in rock and rock-like materials


Progressive failure is the gradual loss of cohesion with increasing strain. The physical background of this process has thoroughly been investigated experimentally by many authors. However, a mathematical model based on the observed micromechanics is not yet available. The objective of the presented paper is to close this gap by introducing a new model concept which could be termed a process model, The most important features of this model are: elasticity, plasticity, separations due to cracks and local inhomogeneities of the stress field, Taking these basic facts into account, one may describe almost any observed stress-strain curve for soil and rock for many test conditions, Special consideration is given to the interpretation of stress-strain curves obtained by laboratory compression tests: uniaxial, classical triaxial and triaxial with complicated load history. It has bee found that repeated unloading and reloading during a specific test are of particular interest. The models allow important conclusions to be made regarding the mechanics of deformation and failure, since microscopically almost any rock or soil represents a structurally complex material.


Kovári, Kalman

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rock; TunnelingGroup

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Date published: 1977