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Multiple failure state and strain controlled triaxial tests


Multiple Failure State and Strain Controlled Triaxial Tests. In this paper new methods are reported for the determination of the triaxial compressive strength of rocks. The Multiple Failure State Test with several single failure states in the same specimen, represents an extension of the classical testing procedure. The Strain Controlled Test is based, however, on a new concept and permits the determination of the failure envelope for a single test specimen. This type of test yields in addition useful information concerning the influence of changing lateral pressures and the influence of plastic deformations on the ultimate strength. A large number of tests with the different experimental methods and on several types of rock show good agreement in the results for the peak strength of intact rock as well as for the residual strength in the broken condition.


Kovári, Kalman and Tisa, Andreas

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rock; TunnelingGroup

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Date published: 1975