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A Unified Approach to Rock Slope Stability Analysis


A simple formula for plane slope failure is derived, which may be used for the design of anchors to ensure the safety of rock masses endangered by slides. The cohesional strength component appears explicitly in the formula, while the geometrical parameters, the friction angle and the safety factor are included in only two factors, k1 and k2. The discovery of a formal analogy between the plane failure problem and that of wedge failure on two intersecting plane surfaces makes it possible to use the basic formula also for the solution of the complicated three-dimensional wedge problem. The basic formula may in both cases also be used to make a detailed parametric study to investigate the sensitivity of the rock slope construction to variations in individual parameters. This investigation may be carried out quickly, without time consuming calculations, even at the site. As an aid for this either the accompanying charts or the given program for the "Hewlett Packard HP-65" pocket calculator may be used. The application of the method is illustrated in several practical examples of the design of rock slopes.


Kovári, Kalman and Fritz, Pit

Index Terms:

slope; stability; analysis; rock; TunnelingGroup; polygonal; Fritz, Pit; Kovari, Kalman


See also "Slope Stability with Plane, Wedge and Polygonal Sliding Surfaces" by Kovári and Fritz, 1978, and "Recent Developments in the Analysis and Monitoring of Rock Slopes" by Kovári and Fritz, 1984.

Further Information:

Date published: 1987