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Computational Model and Charts for Cut-and-Cover Tunnels


Arch-shaped concrete linings show even in cut-and-cover situations economical advantages when compared with rectangular profiles. The backfilled soil along the sides of the arch counteracts lateral movements caused by the dead weight of the soil cover above it. Thus, the computational model has to take into account the interaction between the arch and the soil. A comprehensive computational model was developed and validated by field measurements on several types of tunnel profile and at different stages of backfilling. The numerical procedure enabled charts to be developed for the design parameters for different geometrical configurations. Apart from the selection of the cross-section the following factors can be influenced by the engineer: the thickness of the concrete arch, its steel reinforcement and the stiffness of the backfill. The presented curves clearly exhibit the interaction between these factors.


Kovári, Kalman and Tisa, Andreas

Index Terms:

Cut and Cover Tunnel; Statics; measurements; rock; TunnelingGroup

Further Information:

Date published: 1998