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Design considerations on the permanent lining during construction of the Analco-San José Tunnel


The 16 km long Analco-San José Tunnel is part of a comprehensive water supply system for Mexico City. Owing to a considerable overburden of up to 800 m there were only poor geological and geochemical data available for the preliminary design. However, during construction a careful geological Survey coupled with deformation measurements was carried out providing a basis for decisions on the temporary support and especially on the final lining. A particularity of this tunnel comes from the fact that a consistently enlarged excavation was produced by the drilling and blasting methods. statistical evaluation of the actual profile along the whole length of the tunnel allowed the optimum final lining to be found with respect to hydraulic requirements, rock conditions and costs.


Sanchez-Trejo, Roberto and Barocio, A. J. and Kovári, Kalman

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rock; TunnelingGroup; Barocio, A. J.; Kovari, Kalman; Sanchez-Trejo, Roberto

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Date published: 1981