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Computational models for cut and cover tunnels based on field measurements


Arched shaped concrete linings show even in cut and cover situations economical advantages when compared with rectangular profiles. The backfill soil along the sides of the lining counteracts lateral movements caused by the dead weight of the soil cover above the vault. Thus the computational model has to account for the interaction between lining and soil correspondingly. It is shown how for a given geometry the stiffness of both the undisturbed soil foundation material and the backfill may influence the stress in the lining. Comprehensive and high precision deformation measurements on tunnels with different geometries were performed. The Observation of the deformations at several stages of the backfilling allowed the development of very reliable computational procedures for future projects.


Kovári, Kalman and Tisa, Andreas

Index Terms:

rock; TunnelingGroup; Kovari, Kalman; Tisa, Andreas

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Date published: 1982