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Monitoring strain distribution in the foundation rock of large dams


The measurement of the complete strain distribution along boreholes in the foundation rock of large dams may greatly enhance our understanding of what is going on in a jointed rock mass under load changes. In the case of the Albigna gravity dam, some of the healed joints opened up in the course of time leading to increasing deformation of the dam and to leakage of water. Using sliding micrometer measurements it was possible to recognize clearly these active discontinuities intersecting the boreholes. They made their presence felt by marked peak points in the strain distribution curves. Knowing the number and position of the critical discontinuities under the dam base and also their opening as a function of reservoir water level, it was possible to design efficient remedial measures to halt the detrimental process in the rock mass.


Kovári, Kalman and Peter, Guy

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rock; TunnelingGroup; Peter, Guy

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Date published: 1984