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Head distribution monitoring with the sliding Piezometer system "Piezodex"


The physics of fluid flow in the fracture network of jointed rock masses is not yet well understood. This is particularly the case in a fractured low permeability rock mass. In view of a number of rock engineering problems such as the assessment of the stability of rock slopes and that of large dams but also concerning the problem area of radioactive waste disposal direct head distribution monitoring becomes more and more important. As the head distribution in rock along a borehole can rarely be expected to be continuous the knowledge of head values in a great number of points 1s generally requested. In such cases a portable sliding probe such as the Piezodex can provide a useful tool for the engineer enabling readings to be taken in a great number of measurement intervals along different boreholes using the same probe. Furthermore, checking the device and calibrating it prior to and after a series of readings is always possible and is recommended. In this way the reliability and precision of the observations can be greatly enhanced.


Kovári, Kalman and Köppel, Jakob

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Date published: 1987