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Interaction of parameters at limit states of underground openings in an elasto-plastic medium


This paper aims at an improved understanding of the structure of solutions to elasto-plastic problems with a Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion. We will demonstrate some general properties and also discuss the effects of the parameters that govern the ultimate limit state of underground structures. The system of equations for elasto-plasticity is transformed by means of some simple substitutions into another system which no longer explicitly includes Young’s modulus or the cohesion parameter. The results obtained in this way both provide an insight into the effects of the various parameters (in particular those of cohesion and lining resistence), and as well simplify the interpretation of numerically obtained results. Furthermore, they can be used as a guide in parametric studies.


Anagnostou, Georgios and Kovári, Kalman

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rock; TunnelingGroup

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Date published: 1993