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Object-Oriented Analysis of a Finite Element Framework for Geotechnical Applications


Up till now several object-oriented Finite Element (FE) frameworks have been presented which are partially extendable. However, the extendability is limited to a few specific directions, e.g. the introduction of new element types or solving strategies. Much less support is available for task control, creation of new material models, configurable field variable types or extensions of the analysis model. No framework is available which is especially designed to cover the problems encountered when dealing with geotechnical engineering. IMAGINE tries to close these gaps.
The nucleus of the Finite Element framework presented relies on abstractions, which include common concepts accepted in mathematics, mechanics, engineering and interactive visualization techniques, and serve as the fundamental object-oriented framework of classes for finite element applications and task management. The aim of the framework was not to include as many features as possible (e.g. a variety of types of finite elements or material laws), but to provide a sophisticated and robust foundation which may be used in the future due to its inherent capabilities of simple maintenance, adaptability to new resources and extendability.


Fritz, Pit and Zheng, Xiong

Index Terms:

FEM; Framework; finite elements; C++; mechanics; rock; TunnelingGroup; Object Oriented Programming; OOP; geotechnics; Informatics; Fritz, Pit; Zheng, Xiong


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Date published: 1998