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The use of optical fibre sensors in a geotechnical centrifuge for reinforced slopes


The purpose of this paper is to investigate making strain measurements via optical fibre sensors in a geotechnical centrifuge. This study is part of a test series, which has been carried out in the ETH Zurich geotechnical centrifuge, with the main goal being to investigate the behaviour of reinforced slopes that are subjected, initially, to self weight loading and, subsequently, to impact from a rockfall event. Several reinforced slope models were built with a height of 18 cm and a slope inclination of 2V:1H. The maximum g-level applied was 100 g and the optical fibre sensors were placed on the reinforcement layers at various positions in the model in order to measure the deformations of the reinforcement during the different loading events.


Kapogianni, Elena and Sakellariou, Michael and Laue, Jan and Springman, Sarah M.

Index Terms:

SoilGroup; centrifuge; slope; optical fibre sensors; Kapogianni, Elena; Laue, Jan; Sakellariou, M.G.; Springman, Sarah M.

Further Information:

Date published: 2010