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Late Quaternary palaeoenvironment of northern Guatemala: evidence from deep drill cores and seismic stratigraphy of Lake Petén Itzá


Mueller, Andreas and Anselmetti, Flavio and Ariztegui, Daniel and Brenner, Mark and Hodell, David and Curtis, Jason and Escobar, J. and Gilli, Adi and Grzesik, Dustin and Guilderson, T. and Kutterolf, S. and Plötze, Michael

Index Terms:

clay; lake sediments; ClayGroup; environment; Anselmetti, Flavio; Ariztegui, Daniel; Brenner, Mark; Curtis, Jason; Escobar, J.; Gilli, Adi; Grzesik, Dustin; Guilderson, T.; Hodell, David; Kutterolf, S.; Mueller, Andreas; Plotze, Michael

Further Information:

Date published: 2010